Tierra (in process)

Tierra is a short dance film that follows a Mexican American woman experiencing a surreal, ancestral journey in the desert. The film will incorporate modern and traditional Mexican dance styles alongside lighting and film to visually represent the following theme: When we face sorrow and uncertainty or lose our sense of self, we always have our land, culture, ancestors & roots to return to.

I aim to explore the power that physical land and ancestral roots have in Mexican culture. The film will convey how these two elements are deeply embedded with one another and how acting together in symbiosis (or unison), they serve as the foundation for many generations of Hispanic and indigenous people. The intention of this film will be executed by prioritizing authenticity through two distinct creative choices: collaborating with Mexican artists and filming on land that is connected to the community. Through those choices, the film will create opportunities to work with other dancers and artists within a deeply underutilized demographic.


The development of this work is supported by See Chicago Dance and the Dream in Color grant from Women Who Create.