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"Nuestra Tierra" was born as a collaboration between four Chicano artists, who came together to create the stories of our lineage and ancestry that we do not have access to. Assuming our DNA holds generations of memories and stories of our ancestors, we used meditation, improvisation, journaling, and sharing to allow our bodies to tap into these latent memories.


The core essence of this piece revolves around the inquiries: Who are the individuals behind the stories we carry within us? What were their lives like? What were their relationships like? What was their day to day existence? "Nuestra Tierra '' becomes the vessel that transports audiences through this exploration, offering a compelling journey in pursuit of these fundamental inquiries.

Created at the Croft RADicle Residency in Horton Bay, MI

Learn more about the creation process with collaborators Amanda Ramirez and Lawrence E Brown III

This Artist Talk was presented as apart of RADFest 2024 at Kalamazoo Institute of Arts.

February 27, 2024 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Listen, feel, imagine: Discovering Nuestra Tierra through Musical and Somatic Research

Exploring the Chihuahuan Desert, its influence of traditional music and dance as inspiration and resource for a contemporary dance and film

A talk by choreographer/filmmaker Amanda Ramirez and composer Lawrence Brown III

This piece is supported by The Croft Residency, Rad Fest, and Meredith Kennedy

Behind the Scenes

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